All those who face their own battles every single day. I run for those who have experienced trauma or struggled with Mental Health. I run for those who don’t know how, or where to start with their healing process. 

I have embarked on a powerful journey to raise awareness of Mental Health by launching an initiative called LIGHT UP THE DARK. In 2019, I started my mission to completing running races for a cause, however, there is an added challenge; I run all races blindfolded, so I am completely in the dark. For me, this blindfolded experience symbolizes what it can feel like battling with Mental Health; alone, consumed by your thoughts and surrounded by darkness.

With this mission, I hope I can continue to raise awareness of Mental Health, show victims they are not alone and inspire others to find their inner-light and LIGHT UP THE DARK. 

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Help Make A Difference

Join me on my mission to help others Light Up The Dark. The primary goal for my running initiative is to raise awareness of Mental Health. Proceeds from ongoing Light Up The Dark initiatives will go towards Jack.org and The Canadian Mental Health Association. One day I hope to provide more reliable resources and support for those experiencing challenges with Mental Health. To learn more about these causes, please visit the donation page. Any help is greatly appreciated!

My Journey

Rape. That four-letter word is like a rusty dagger thrust deep into my stomach. There are still some days it doesn’t feel real; it was late at night when I was approached by a stranger claiming to be an Uber driver. The cars were not marked yet and I wasn’t experienced with the service. Unfortunately, this person was not an Uber driver; I was assaulted, raped, violated, and to be honest, I thought I was going to be killed. I am extremely grateful to be alive.

Throughout my journey, I have experienced shock, panic attacks, and depression. I’ve spent time grieving and feeling embarrassed, lost and hopeless. I didn’t know when I would be ready to share my story; I kept telling myself I’ll wait until I am fully healed and then I can help others. However, the toughest lesson I have learned is there is no finish line. There is no date, length of time or playbook which says “okay, now you can feel whole again.”

The day I realized this was the day my hurt turned into heart, my pain into passion, and the dimmed light in my core sparked and ignited to begin my mission to help others. I truly believe life is not defined by what happens to you, it is defined by how you react to it.

To read more about my journey: CLICK HERE

Share Your Story

Whether it is anxiety, trauma, grief, depression, or a mental cloudy day, everyone’s battle is different, and every story is important to be heard.

Or, maybe you’ve made it through your darkness and would like to share tips and tools that helped you on your journey to heal (yoga, running, a certain psychologist or group therapy, etc.). 

These stories and tips will help others know they are not alone, and show there are many ways to heal.

When submitting, please indicate if you would like your story to be anonymous. To those not ready to share, please know that you are strong, you are brave and you are not alone.

If You Need Help Now

If you do not know how to get help or who to reach out to, please contact us and we will help guide you. I know what it is like to feel lost, overwhelmed and exhausted from searching for help. If you have general questions as well, please contact us here. For all emergencies please contact local emergency services or 911.

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