Thank You

Over 250 kms trained, two 10 km races and a 21 km Half Marathon race completed… blindfolded! I want to thank each and every one of you who has supported me in my fight. I fought through depression in the last few years; I fought through so many dark days feeling completely lost and hopeless. The past couple of months I fought through each blindfolded km, knowing in my head and heart who I was running for:

I run for all those who face their own battles every day. I run for all those who have experienced trauma or struggled with Mental Health. I run for those who don’t know how or where to begin their healing process.

In just 4 months and after many kms, Light Up The Dark has raised over $17,000.00. I honestly cannot believe it. I am at a loss for words and cannot thank everyone enough for the incredibly generous donations made to our Go Fund Me page. I have registered Light Up The Dark and thanks to your help,  will become a safe space for people to learn helpful healing tools, share powerful stories and speak directly to someone who has walked in their shoes. Everyone is facing their own battles, however, no one should have to do it alone. Thank you again to Sam Chefero who battled with me each step of the way.

The past couple of months have been extremely challenging and overwhelming, yet absolutely beautiful and powerful. I said to myself if I can help just one person by sharing my story, then this would all be worth it. I have had countless family, friends, and complete strangers reach out to me and share kind words or even their stories of struggle. It has been so incredibly powerful to see how sharing my story has impacted others.

Our 2019 running mission is complete! But this is just the beginning. For now, from the bottom of my heart… THANK YOU. Your words of encouragement, love and support will stay with me forever.

I will continue my fight, and I will continue to help others Light Up The Dark.

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